Parish Representatives-
Joy Branch 
Linda Ryall
ERD is the Mission arm of the Episcopal Church 
and has been responding to disasters and 
working to find lasting solutions 
to poverty, hunger and disease for 75 years. 


HERD is sponsoring a Lenten fundraiser for Episcopal Relief & Development. We will be selling pigs for $25 a share or $100 for the “whole hog.” Donations may be made by check payable to Holy Spirit with Pigs in the memo line or with cash in an envelope with Pigs on the outside. Either may be placed in the collection plate or delivered to the office. Each donor is eligible to name a piglet and pin it to the board in the narthex. Also each donor can take a ticket for each share, write their name on it and put it (them) into the basket. Two dinners at Hog Wild on Hwy 59 will be given as a raffle prize. 

Buy your pig and name it before 
all the good names are taken!